We now have large stocks of Thoth Amon's biscuits and are currently raiding the Emperor's tea caddy (aka the Entity).

We Raid T4 on Wednesdays (Sheng to Emperor), Thursdays (Memory Cloud and Entity) and T3.5 on Sundays (Erlik). Sunday's raid is sometimes replaced with a T3 run. We run Dragon's Spine and other AoC instances on many of the remaining nights. We use our own DKP system to allocate raid loot.

We raid as an alliance with our close friends The Unforgiven. We started together in T3, now have the Jade Palace (T4) on farm and are bashing Erlik too. No drama, no hassle, no e-peen, just friends that know what we're doing.

We have a 'Regular Raiders' group that is open to all that want to commit to it. Needless to say, Regular Raiders have priority of place in our raids due to their declared commitment.
A rotation schedule is in place to make sure all Regulars get involved in our raids.


We are always looking for new blood. We have an established raid team but as we raid at least 3 nights a week we often have slots available for newer members. We make best effort to assign preferred slots for those that can commit to our raids regularly and on time.

    Assassin  Medium

    Barbarian  Medium

    Bear Shaman  Medium

    Conqueror  Medium

    Demonologist  Medium

    Guardian  High

    Priest of Mitra  Medium

    Necromancer  Medium

    Ranger  Medium

    Tempest  Medium

    Templar   Medium

    Herald of Xotli  Medium


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Casual Play

Although we are primarily an endgame guild we do have some casual moments.
All of our events are open to everyone that wants to take part - and of course crafting, chatting and even guild city events have been known to take place within Crucible Guild too.......


We are currently recruiting both Casual and Raid focused players. There are some basic rules to consider however.

You do have to be age 18 or over to join Crucible, after all it's an 18+ game.

We're here to enjoy our time in AoC within a guild atmosphere that's relaxed and helpful so respect for other players is important to us and of course trolling is a kicking offence.

Also we are a guild of players and not a guild of alts therefore we do not allow our members to have alts in other guilds.... otherwise it just complicates things.

Guild City donations - None as we have a full T3 city.

If you have been on any of our events you will already know that we are a friendly lot so if you feel Crucible is the place for you then send a an ingame /tell to any of us when you are online or write to us on our forums and we will talk more.

Use < /tell crucibot !online > to see who's around..... ;)

Who's Who

The following bunch of miscreants are the pillars of our community within Crucible. Well they talk a lot..... which makes them perfect targets for any questions about us

  • Guild Leader: Drinn
  • Legatus: Invino, Chrisin
  • Tribunes: Lion, Bamuth, Qotho, Miilkaa

Crucible Guild

We were formed from two pre-launch PvE & Raid focussed guilds ('Niflheim' and 'Harlots of Tortage'). We play AoC for achievement, progression and of course - fun. Loot is important but not as important as comradeship.

We are currently recruiting raiders to complement our T3.5/T4 raid team. Our current raid focus is on The Jade Palace for two nights a week but we also step into the Temple of Erlik on Sundays as well.

We also run instances regularly in both the 'Old World' and in Khitai with scheduled HM runs including training nights.

Although we tend to focus on the endgame element within AoC we do prefer our players to have spent some time levelling within Crucible where they can reach their full endgame potential through the mentoring and advice that we can provide. However we will also recruit established endgame players that suit our relaxed but very efficient style.

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...and in case you dont know what AoC is...THIS is Age of Conan!

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