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The Lava Lamp is Doused

Unforgivable have cleared the Jade Palace :)

The Emperor and Memory Cloud are Down!

Spinning swords, fancy words and exploding golems fail to save the Emperor and his minions from an Unforgivable mashing.

That's it I suppose. Only the Entity to burn, crush and mutilate now! Does he/she/it have any lamenting women now the crushing has begun???

Zodiac Finally Falls to Unforgivable

Lighting, Fire, Ice, Steel and lots of .... Chanting

Massive kudos to the combined raid team of Unforgiven and Crucible guilds who took down the four seasons on Wednesday the 8th of August 2013. Excellent progress for a good bunch of guys that know their job and operate without any fuss. Memory Cloud, the Emperor and the Entity should be fun. I'll need to start polishing my bashing stick. I can't kill the emperor with a dirty weapon!

Thoth Amon is History

Congratulations to all involved over the months we have been assaulting Thoth Amon's tea rooms. We finally managed to steal his tea and biscuits on Wednesday the 2nd of May 2012. It's been a while coming but with our more solid raid group anything is possible. Thoth Amon is toast so Temple of Erlik and the Forbidden Palace are next! Not too bad for a casual but efficient guild in anyone's book... ok ... ok .... we pretend to be casual .. sometimes ... when the wind blows from the West, the moon is in the house of the purple monkey and the cock crows only once on the solstice...